Software Testing Services

Testing ServicesDid you know that, on an average, 40% of the bugs are being identified by the customers after the app is released!!

Are you aware of the constraints and limitations in the app market that can reject your app from being published?

Customers today are not willing to wait for an app to work according to their expectations. They easily get frustrated, give poor reviews, or abandon the app when they identify bugs. With a buffet of mobile apps available, customers easily move on to the other that works to their satisfaction.

While some apps succeed, many apps fail!!

Possible reasons could be:

  • Non-compatibility of GUI with different mobile configurations
  • Inconsistent behavior across various OS/carrier networks/devices
  • Functionality issues
  • Performance issues
  • Poor user-friendly interface
  • Lack of interoperability between the user and the device
  • Bugs and crashes

Have you ever wondered what the successful app development team does to build and test their app?

They do it the Agile way.

Well, we too, at Cogzidel follow the Agile methodology to eliminate all these risk factors. We have the most competent and proficient team of experts. Our Testing Service team is there for you, from the time of strategy development to the final release of app to your end users. They involve with your development team, and look closely at every process involved in building the app while it is still in the different phase of the development cycle.

Cogzidel’s Testing Services team is specialized in various testing tools, and the team is :

  • Proficient in providing qualitative and quantitative measurement of ROI
  • Efficient in delivering clear and concise list of errors within limited time frame
  • Dedicated to test your product

It goes without saying how testing is a critical aspect in the development cycle.

We do understand that you have been wondering about outsourcing your testing requirements but been concerned about your cost, time for testing cycles, and performance. Worry not!!! Cogzidel will help you accomplish your business goals. Our Testing Services team ensures that your app is delivered with high standards and performance. You can be assured that your app is bug free and it hits the market much earlier.

Here is the list of services we offer to our customers:

We constantly strive to monitor your work-in-progress to evaluate and deliver quality results. When you outsource your Testing Services to Cogzidel, you will certainly reduce the investment cost and get just-in time unbiased status of your project.

Don’t let your end user be your quality controller. Avoid your app being lost in the clutter. Build a stand-out successful app and provide a delightful experience to your end users.

Reach out to Cogzidel

We value your business and we sincerely look forward to continue serving you in the future. Please feel free to contact us for all your Testing Services needs.

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