DropInn Mobile – Android Version 1.0

BansCogzidel is proud to launch DropInn-Android v1.0. DropInn is an Airbnb clone script. It is a ready to use rental system and can be used for various rentals such as accommodations, cars, bikes, yachts, books, videos, tools, and much more.

Our 100% fully customizable source code offers you the flexibility to modify the code based on your unique business needs and build your own app. DropInn-Android v1.0 not only enables you to work faster, but smarter and better too. Prompt upgrades from our company keeps you on the edge of the rental business.

Here is the list of features we have included in this version:

  • Social media login – New users can easily login by using Facebook login. Also, normal Sign Up and Sign In option is available for New Users in the App.
  • Search Listings option – Users can search the lists based on countries. Also, they can search with or without Filter option.
  • Your Listings option – Users will have option to create a new list in the App. Also, they can edit the existing listings in the Your Listings page.
  • Inbox page – Users will receive the reservation request notifications in the Inbox page.
  • Book it facility – User can easily book the list using their Paypal account details.

Expand your business opportunities with our DropInn-Android v1.0. Reach out to Cogzidel at support@cogzidel.com or skype us at cogzidel.

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