DropInn Mobile Version – 1.2


We have implemented additional features in DropInn Mobile to improve its ability and functionality. Here goes the details.

1) Implemented “Your Trips” functionality – We have implemented the Your Trips functionality to help user to easily view their trips details.
User can see their Previous Trips and Upcoming Trip details in the same page.

Additionally, user can cancel their “Pending and Host accepted” reservations in the Upcoming Trips page.

2) Implemented Profile page – User can easily view and edit their profile details in the profile page. They can change their Profile picture in Profile page and First name, Last name, Mobile Number, Location, School, and Date of Birth in Edit Profile page.

Also, they can express about themselves in the “About Me” section of the Edit profile page.

3) Implemented Common Currency option – Now it is very easy for User to change the currency in Settings page.
User can create the list in various currencies like USD, EUR and so on.
If those listings need to be viewed in common currency format, then they can set the currency in Settings page.
The listings will be displayed in Home page, Search page, and Preview page based on that common currency.
By default, lists will be displayed in USD currency.

DropInn-Mobile iOS supports 32 different Currencies.

Click the below link to see those currencies list.
4) We have hunted bugs to make App more stable and user friendly.

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