DropInn-Mobile iOS v1.3

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DropInn-Mobile iOS v1.3 is evolved with additional enhancements. This improved version helps Admin to manage their users more efficiently. Keep reading to learn about the changes we have made in this release.

1. Implemented My Reservations Functionality – With this feature, it is easy for Host to view his reservations in My Reservations  page. In addition, Host can also cancel the Pending or Accepted reservations. The notifications will then be sent to the corresponding Traveler’s Inbox page. There is also a provision for Host to view the Traveler’s profile by just clicking the Traveler’s profile image.

2. Created Admin Panel Web – From Now, with the purchase of DropInn-Mobile iOS, we give our users the Admin Panel for Web. With this, Admin can easily handle the Member management and User listing management, wherein,  Member management includes banning or permitting a user. If the user is banned in Admin Panel, then the user cannot login via iOS app.

3 Fixed critical bugs that hindered the stability of the app.

For more information, reach us at call at +1-818-302-8158, support@cogzidel.com or skype us at cogzidel.

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