DropInn 4.1.6 encapsulates features that helps both Host and Guest in identifying and choosing whom to host or stay with.

Verified ID Badge: A User profile earns this badge when the identification has been verified by the Admin.

Super Host Badge: Based on certain criteria, the Admin gives Super Host status to a User. This means that the User can be trusted and is reliable. However, it is not a guarantee or endorsement on a User’s identify. A User profile earns this badge based on certain criteria which are as follows.

The User must have

  • Hosted at least 10 trips
  • Completed all reservations without any cancellation.
  • Received reviews from at least 50% of his Guests.
  • Received 5 star rating for at least 80% of the time reviewed.

The Admin can also disqualify a Host from being a Super Host if any of the above criteria is not met. This ensures that the Users can view valid Super Host at any given point of time.

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About the Author ksawme

CTO is my profession & Entrepreneurship is my passion... Fortunately, thanks to my CEO & childhood friend Anand Nataraj, I am onto my second stint of entrepreneurship & added to the beauty, I am paid for it!! So per Anand's word, I am an Interpreneur!! And we @ Cogzidel, are here to make a MARK!! in the IT Arena! On personal front, I am a Happy go lucky guy with a lovely, caring wife & cute little daughter. & I have strong interest in photography, blogging & meeting new people personally & virtually :)

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