Identify your reliable host with ease. It’s DropInn 4.1.6!


DropInn 4.1.6 encapsulates features that helps both Host and Guest in identifying and choosing whom to host or stay with.

Verified ID Badge: A User profile earns this badge when the identification has been verified by the Admin.

Super Host Badge: Based on certain criteria, the Admin gives Super Host status to a User. This means that the User can be trusted and is reliable. However, it is not a guarantee or endorsement on a User’s identify. A User profile earns this badge based on certain criteria which are as follows.

The User must have

  • Hosted at least 10 trips
  • Completed all reservations without any cancellation.
  • Received reviews from at least 50% of his Guests.
  • Received 5 star rating for at least 80% of the time reviewed.

The Admin can also disqualify a Host from being a Super Host if any of the above criteria is not met. This ensures that the Users can view valid Super Host at any given point of time.

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