How about Tom Hanks as our official narrator for Cogzidel Blog?!


I know it’s an intriguing topic to have it over an IT Company Blog! It’s all started over a phone call I had with our CEO Anand Nataraj where he prompted aka commanded me to write a blog every day to stay in touch with our customers & visitors!

I need a topic to start with & couple of weeks back, I am the one who suggested WordPress Daily Post which prompts & encourages to write a blog by giving a unique & interesting title everyday. My idea worked out very well for him & he passed on the same idea to me for our corporate blog. And so here I am kick starting my daily blog attempt at our Corporate Blog.

From hereon, I will be writing out minimum a blog per day, focusing on Cogzidel’s experiences & vision on our products, services & our big daddy Information Technology, short coded popularly in this world as IT!

But why Tom Hanks or what Tom Hanks is doing here?!

Yep. I will come to that. Today’s prompt I got from Daily Post is “Voice Work” where the condition of the post is

Your blog is about to be recorded into an audiobook. If you could choose anyone — from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson — to narrate your posts, who would it be?

So, for our Cogzidel blog to be recorded into an audiobook, who else is a better choice than Tom Hanks, the guy who has a majestic & magnetic voice! We all know how great & cool actor he is & I am not going to go deep into that 🙂

But I always found his voice more attractive than to his acting. I know I am creating a controversy here 🙂

So, to conclude (how else I can complete my this post then 🙂 ), Tom Hanks is going to be my choice of voice to record our Corporate blog to a audiobook and why Tom Hanks, because I like him & I know he can do a damn good job on it with his magnetic voice..Period 🙂

Thanks for reading & until I meet you in my next blog, it’s Sam K signing off!

Sam K
CTO & Head – Customer Experience Management
Skype: ksawme
Twitter: @ksawme

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