How to earn money using cryptocurrency like bitcoin???


Welcome to my blog you readaholics…

I always love to engage my readers with fancy and insane facts.

To me, if you are about to know something, you need to know it thoroughly.

That way, once you discuss with your people, it should be remembered and not heard. And that way you are clear with the topic.

As I have read through the cryptocurrency, I found some of the insane facts about bitcoin.

I just wanna share some of those with you today.

  1. The first transfer Bitcoin transaction took place on January 21, 2009. Satoshi himself translated 100 BTC Hal Finney – another tsiferpanku and cryptography (Hal Finney).
  2. The last Bitcoin, Namaynyat will be created in 2140.
  3. The global Bitcoin computing speed will be 256 times faster than 500 supercomputers combined.
  4. Bitcoin has travelled to space. Genesis mining, the largest cloud mining company have sent a paper wallet attached to the back of a 3D model bitcoin into space using a weather balloon. It crossed the Armstrong limit of 20 kilometers and reached a distance of 34 kilometers. It is the first ever peer to peer transaction ever made in space.
  5. load of money. The largest transaction ever made on the network was for 194,993 bitcoins which is worth of 147 million dollars.
  6. The FBI has the world’s largest Bitcoin wallets consisting seized bitcoins, apart from Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder.
  1. The first Bitcoin-ATM was installed in the Canadian city of Vancouver.
  1. Thailand was the first country in the world to ban Bitcoin but allowed back.
  1. In November 2013, the price of Bitcoin has exceeded for the first time the price of gold.
  1. Lamborghini was the first automotive company in the world, which dealers began to accept Bitcoin.
  1. Black friday: The best way for you to get some Bitcoins is Black Friday.
  1. Bitcoin is illegal in Saudi arabia, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Bolivia and Kyrgyzstan.
  1. 90% of all Bitcoin addresses holds only 0.1BTC as balance.
  1. 956 people of whole world holds 50% of Bitcoins
  1. There is no other currency or anything from which Bitcoin inherited its worth. Bitcoin has a certain value, but it varies depending on what services were provided for them.

It will be really interesting you talk about some things and I hope Bitcoin is one among those.

My thoughts and views goes mile, but lemme break here.

Have to head out now, meet you later guys..

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With all Bliss,

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