Top 10 Advantages of Django Web Framework

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Now, I think you might have been clear about Django web framework.

As reminder, it’s vast used framework all around the world and this is handy for the developers.

If it sounds normal, then I will give you the formal significance of using Django.

Here I can sense a question of your mind that “why should I want to learn or concentrate much in this framework”. Am I right?

Simple, feeding you with the current technology and you are a startup and you should know how to stabilise your website.

If your idea is good and on demand, and if your website is not able to hold the traffic, then it don’t make sense, right?

You might now come to a conclusion that it is for holding the traffic. Other than that, the following will also give you why Django should be hired for a website.

The following are the major significance of Django platform:

  1. It is fully loaded:

There are set of modules for every framework and for Django, there are more important modules and so it is easy for a developer to develop any type of prototype.

  1. Saves time:

As you pick the module and build a prototype for a website, then it will be a easy job and will save time.

  1. Cost Effective:

Here comes our part of thought, Django is free and an open source kit used even by a newbie and it can be better compiled if you know the little basics of the framework.

  1. Scalability:

The most common reason that many websites choose Django is for its scalability. It can confront with the heavy traffic with the website.

  1. Good community support:

Python is the second most popular language of 2017 as per Github. You can easily find readymade components to use directly in your application. So it has a good community support since it is used world wide

  1. Simple and Flexibility:

Python is a great language with very simple syntax, which is easy for a beginner to learn. The syntax or the commands used in java are really shortened to a minimal syntax which could be reviewed by a new developer.

  1. It is prompt:

The framework is designed in a way to help developers in executing things at a fast pace. So, it is the right pick for the web development projects where a tight deadline is the main priority for the developers.

  1. Crowd tested:

While Rails and Node both get a lot of publicity from their big users, Python and Django tend to be a bit quieter. But that doesn’t mean Django isn’t used by some major hitters! It is used for many behind-the-scenes utilities in many websites.

  1. Time Tested:

Since 2005, the framework was not much popular or used often but meanwhile they have been correcting their mistakes while others were just preventing the security issues. Most Django releases nowadays are focused on new features and edge case concerns.

  1. Security:

By default, Django prevents some common security mistakes better than say, PHP does.

Software might not get wiser with age, but it tends to make better decisions.

These were the advantages of Django framework and that is why it is on high demand. 

Let’s step up our framework to next level and stay ahead of technology with us.

Ever tech consuming,

Cogzidel Technologies.

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