Retainer Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!


Hiring a retainer for a project is trending now.

The crucial part of hiring a retainer is “A solid partnership allows you to take creative risks and be an expert rather than a service provider”.

Over the last year, my business changed dramatically – I shifted away from one-off projects and began focusing on longer-term contracts.

When your retainer has a clear road map for the project, then there will be no pitching of additional charges or building stories to your websites.

Reduced rates, fewer employees and a saving on marketing budget all adds up to lower expenditure; and if you’re looking for hassle free and cost effective assistance with your business then an agency retainer is certainly the way to go.

Retainers offer a hassle free option when it comes to managing accounts.

Now, I will let you know the crucial facts of hiring a retainer.

BUDGETING: When you know you’ll be investing in your website but haven’t earmarked specific projects or requests, a retainer allows you to ensure funds are reserved to take care of whatever needs arise throughout the year.

PRIORITIZATION: When you go for a retainer, you are purchasing a block of our time to be used each month. We, in turn, make sure we have the staff allocated appropriately and give priority treatment to retainer. In short, if you’re looking for continual, quick turnaround on support requests and site enhancements, committing to a retainer will ensure the team is in place and ready to go.

DEDICATED TEAM: You are in essence hiring a team to be on call for all of your support and maintenance needs. This is a dedicated team that understands your site, how it was built, the direction you’re heading, and the pitfalls to avoid. They will become a valued extension of your team, helping you reach your digital goals.

STRATEGIC GUIDANCE: Our approach to retainers isn’t simply to sit back and wait for requests to come in. Our partnership model means we are continually thinking about ways to improve your digital experience, analyzing industry trends, and providing guidance on how your site should adapt and evolve.

ITERATIVE IMPROVEMENTS: A website should never be “finished.” Decisions made early in the design process are good for that particular point in time, but technology advances, user behavior changes, and market conditions fluctuate. Your website should not sit static while the world moves around it and eventually leaves you behind. A retainer enables you to commit resources to ongoing evaluation and refinement in order to move your website forward and make essential iterative improvements over time.

I have given you the long drive over hiring a retainer.

Why don’t you give a try?

So if it sounds useful for you, you can just hire a team of retainers from us and start building the relationships along with your business.

Pick your developers, huddle and start your business relationship with us.


Cogzidel Technologies.


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