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What is retaining? And how this is going to help us with the software?

Retainers are like marathon and not a sprint

If you want to start a website, you need to search for a company and check for its reviews and then talk to the support people and then explain your initial level of project.

Which level of hell is this ?

Besides, this can happen only when the company has a good review, isn’t it?

Okay, let say, you found a company. You have given them your requirements. You need to pay for every features you ask additionally and the support they give will not be prioritised.

Instead, you can hire a retainer from the company and then give your requirements and your payment will be one-off and prioritized.

You can avoid many sticker-shocks when you hire a retainer.

Not all creative firms offer marketing services and not all marketing firms offer creative services. We do both, grab your firm.

I believe that a basic stipulation for a startup is cost-conscious.

Does that sound right?

Well, business minded person thinks where he can save his money. For this, retaining concept is really a boon.

Once you pay for a retainer, he will be all yours and you can be stress free.

Retainers give you access to collective mind-share.

When you hire a full-service marketing firm, you are buying the time, talent, and expertise of the agency staff, as well as their vendor and media relationships. There are a few ways to pay for these services, including variable hourly billing, flat-fee project-based billing, or a retainer agreement.

If you have not worked with the retainer, then start hiring now.

But a few weeks away from delivering the final project to your client, start the discussion about how, if at all, it makes sense for you to continue working with them.

Reasons for hiring the retainers are

They are more predictable.

  1. They are highly accountable.
  2. More periodic and foreseeable.


The retainer model creates a relationship between the agency and client, establishing trust, credibility and accountability!

With no more nickel and dime, pick your retainer with us.
With all bliss,

Cogzidel Technologies.



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