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As I have already told you Django is the framework developed in python for developing websites.

After reading this blog, you should not compare Django with PHP or Ruby because it is totally a distinct platform for the startups and developers.

Well, now let us see why this is chosen better than the other platforms.

A business is always one’s dream. Hope you agree.

A dream can be given a language and shaping it to reality, takes just a few minutes, when you are doing it with Django.

Its highly trending because it has no glaring holes in its design.

The framework has the explicit morals called the “ZEN OF PYTHON”. This is very simple and descriptive for the startups to develop both the backend and frontend of the website. This intelligible structure of language is not available with any other frameworks.

Let me compare Django with other languages for your easy understanding.

Python the eldest of the two programming language was designed to enhance productivity and better readable code. On the other hand, Ruby was designed on the basic principle of making programming easy and flexible.

Fortunately, the majority of beginners start coding with Python.

Its syntax is simply perfect. There are no redundant elements, semicolons, weird special character or unnecessary keywords.

It’s Python syntax that makes it suitable for the vast majority of long-term projects. The readability of code also makes it easier to integrate newcomers in the developers’ team.

Django is a Model-View-Controller architectural pattern to simplify the creation of web application and good for prototyping.

The installation is very fast when compared to Ruby.

Python, on the contrary, goes far beyond the web development. There are lots of guys who use Python to create geographic information systems, scientific oriented projects, automation testing systems and much more.

Go With Django and Python if you,

Know what you’re doing.

Are a perfectionist with deadlines.

Think that documentation is a programmer’s best friend.

Django is the elder framework and the learning is easy compared to Rails.

For beginners, Django will be a great starting point.

I think this documentation is much sufficient to answer your basic queries.

If you still haven’t got a chance to program with Python — do it, you won’t be disappointed.

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