Winning tactics from website retainer



Whilst it isn’t recommended that you redesign your website too frequently, work on a site doesn’t stop after launch.

Let me try a jargon here.. :):) “A website should be neither messy nor completed”.

Wow.. sounds great!!!

Here runs a weird world called retainers.

Life as a freelancer. Ahhh, wouldn’t that be grand?

Total freedom. Control. A job you love. Crippling anxiety …

Being a king maker instead a king.

Not a big deal… :(:(

Of course.. If you are done with the good company.

How it sounds when a person works for you as like your partner and takes part in all your success and failure.

And if fails, again works for you to get you succeed.

Nice, isn’t it?

It is going to be an one-off payment and prioritize your work.

We work hard to make sure that the time outlined is the time used, but if the hours of work are greater or fewer than agreed, this is carried forward by one month.

Okay, now let me tell you the winning tactics when you hire a retainer.

  1. Dedicated and prior work.
  1. A retainer does what you haven’t find time to do.
  1. A retainer knows your business and its outcome.
  1. There will be no additional charge. So, money is saved.
  1. Website can be maintained at one hand and knows the nooks and corners of the website.

The key to success is transparency and openness between agencies. When everyone has a clear understanding of who is doing what, the client can reap the benefits from the specialised skills and expertise of multiple organisations.

A retainer’s work are as follows,

Account Management: on-going email support and regular conference calls.

Analytics: quarterly reporting on website stats, including insight and recommendations.

CMS(Content Management System): editing, training and support.

SEO (search-engine optimisation).

Social media analytics.

Newsletter campaigns.

Marketing support.

Bug fixes.

Server maintenance.

Creative direction and design work.

At Cogzidel, we do this genuine and serve the best.

Pick your team at a nominal price and start building the relationship with us.

After all, a business is building relationship beyond making money.
Proud promoters,

Cogzidel Technologies.


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