3 Types of blockchain you need to know

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Blockchain Era:

Hope this blog finds you great!!!

I love to see you all on this blog as we get deeper to the topic. We all came to know what a blockchain is.

It is simply an overall transaction ledger that saves all Bitcoin transactions.

Okay, now let’s discuss the types of blockchain.

I have gone through several website and sorted this type. Maybe some more available but I don’t want to mess up with approximate information.

3 Types of blockchain you need to know.

  1. Permissionless
  2. Private permissioned
  3. Public permissioned.
  4. I said only 3… Be cautious.. :):):)

But this cannot be proved, as it is currently underway.


This is normal. Bitcoin and etherium comes under this type. You can send and receive the bitcoins and it has a shared ledger. Here, users are likely to remain anonymous.

Yes, you can protect sensitive information in a Permissionless Blockchain.


This is similar to Public Permissioned Blockchain expect for one thing. The data is not available for public view.


Here we have chosen people who sanction a transaction. It could be an authority, senior employee, government, institution or anyone assigned. The data can be viewed by the public where the sensitive information can be protected.

You are only allowed to view the data. You don’t have permission to write anything.

If you want to make your data be transparent? In that case, you need to use Public Permissioned Blockchain

For example:

Here when you buy the coin, you can scan the code and track its journey from the point it was caught. The sender’s IOT device is allowed to write data when the coin is received. The coin processor who processes the coin is allowed to write data and so on.

It doesn’t make sense for the public to write data into it. Here the data written like any Blockchain is permanently recorded.

Hope the information is precise. If you want to know more, click here

So, go find your titan.

Here we help you with further more details about Blockchain.

All in all answers given by our IBM certified team.


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