Yes! We are looking for CTO, COO, Project Managers, VP – HR & Head of Sales


My friend and my boss Anand Nataraj often say “finding a co-founder is like finding a life partner.” Very true. I will add to that stating “finding a top and middle management is like building a family.”

We at Cogzidel have been running the show for the past nine years where we provided Web and Mobile App solutions to our customers in US, Canada & Europe. Now we are ready to move to next league & we need more hands on top and middle management to steer the company to our next milestone.

We hustle like a start-up, and we need hands on leaders to join us on our next exciting and challenging journey. If you can roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty and drive the team to target, then you are the person we are looking for.

At present, we are looking for CTO, COO, Project Managers, VP – HR & Head of Sales. For all these profiles, we are looking for people who should be an expert in executing the PPT. No, not powerpoint 🙂 PPT stands for People, Process & Tools.

We can’t agree more with Sridhar Vembu of Zoho who said, “you don’t need to be in Silicon Valley to build a world-class product.” We are headquartered at Temple Town Madurai (of course, we have our entity in the US too 🙂 , if you worried about our MNC status!) and we want to tap the talent of down south, which for the most part remain untapped. Not to boast about the city, but Madurai is located in middle of a lot of beautiful locations, and you never regret moving to the city. Trust me, I have moved to Madurai 5 years back and never regretted that decision 🙂

I will be at Chennai between May 15, 2017, & May 17, 2017, and we can catch up over coffee to see if we can strike a professional relationship!

If you are interested, drop me an email at

Learn the truth about On Demand Services in the next 60 seconds

Building an on-demand services app needs a heck of a

  • lot of creativity
  • passion for the technology
  • and of course, love for efficiency

A successful on-demand services app should

  • make people’s lives easier,
  • must be enjoyed by its customers,
  • and should provide significant job opportunities in a stagnant industry.

By creating UBER like apps for the new or existing stagnant industry, one can reap enormous rewards & at the same time add meaningful value to the society.

If one believes that On-demand services offer a groundbreaking product, they are wrong. Instead, they offer a more efficient and easier way to do something that people need to do anyway. Everyone wants to be more efficient in their daily tasks so they can focus on things that matter to them.

Now let’s play a Q&A game. Do you want to start the next ‘Uber for X app’? Great. Then take a look at the activities you do in your daily routine life. Among those routine daily chores, which of those can be taken care by using a little bit of technology using an on-demand services app?

P.S – Want to build your own ‘On Demand Services’ / Uber Clone / Uber for X app? We can help! We have developed On Demand Services Framework Arcane that can help you to kick start your business. Interested? Drop an email to & we will help you out.

4 Reasons Why People Love On Demand Services


Hey All!

Hope things are good at your end. It’s Sam again. This time I thought of sharing my thoughts on why people love On Demand Services. Although there are plenty of reasons, below are my top 4.

Time Saving
On-demand services are a blessing for people who are often so busy. They hardly get time for themselves, let alone for their day to day chores. For those active minds, they don’t mind someone else manages or helping other aspects of their life. Like buying lunch, buying groceries, getting your laundry done, making sure a package gets delivered, etc.,

Busy people value their time. Thus the need for On Demand Services is increasing as they offer great comfort & convenience.

On Demand Services stands faithful to the saying ‘A Friend in need is a friend indeed.’ In other words, whenever a customer needs to avail a service, they are right there like a genie. Needless to say, flexibility is a shining star in On Demand Services.

Speed is the fuel for today’s on-demand services. With on-demand services app, one can avail the service at few button taps. Now, how fast is that?!

And that’s my top 4 reasons on why people love on demand services.

By the way, are you looking to start your on-demand services business? We can help you for sure. We have developed On Demand Services Framework aka Uber for X aka Uber Clone 🙂 Arcane & enabling businesses for 3+ years now. Feel free to email us at if you have any questions about On Demand Services.

By the way, do you use any on demand services in your day to day life? If yes, what’re your top 4 reasons on why you love on-demand services?!

Sam K