How to create your own cryptocurrency


How are Successful startups formed?

They identify a perennial problem and create a business model to solve that problem. The challenging part is how do you find the perennial problem. The closest answer to this question was beautifully carved by Paul Graham (co-founder of Y Combinator) in his lectures. He said that if we consider technology as a spreading fractal stain, every moving point on the edge represents an interesting problem. Successful startups are getting created to solve these problems.

Christen Clayton the renowned harvard professor on his lectures on innovator’s dilemma describes how startups get killed. Most startups try to do what is called a sustaining innovation, which is improving the existing product that’s being done and trying to compete with the Giants already in the business. And the theory is: most convincingly these startups will be crushed by the sheer strength of the competition. But disruptive innovation is different, the way Toyota entered the US market they started competing by creating cars in the low end of the market where the margins were low and went on to create cars that were cheaper, efficient and good quality. Never did the Big companies like ford believe that Toyota would stand where is it today in the US market. Big companies believed in Businesses with high margins and ignored competing with Toyota on low Margin Business. But with a Robust production model, Toyota slowly climbed up the Ladder and almost moved the big market players like Ford out of existence. Now, who is Killing Toyota – the Chinese and the Koreans!!

Bitcoin started with a similar introduction when the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto created the Bitcoin white paper and made the first-ever cryptocurrency transaction to Hal Finney. Governments and Regulators dismissed bitcoin as Nerd money at first, then a year later bitcoin was deemed as money used by terrorists, Gamblers, and Hackers. And then slowly moving to People, Companies, Gift Cards. Now, bitcoin is on the verge of creating a next disruption to the Financial domain. It almost depicts a similar pattern how Toyota disrupted the Auto industry in the US.

It’s true that Bitcoin today is in a state similar to what was internet in 1991. Before the internet there were systems in place for each thing, a system to send mail, a system to send pictures, a system to send urgent messages, a system to send videos and systems to send voice. All these were unified by a single disruptive innovation called the internet. And 100% of the Fortune 100 corporations today cannot sustain operation even for a couple of days without using the internet.

Today we have a system of payment for Shares, a system of payment to buy groceries, a system of payment to transfer money worldwide. And we see Bitcoin is the force similar to the internet in 1991 that will unify all these and much more. What Satoshi Nakamoto gave as a Bitcoin, is a platform of trust and its first application is bitcoin currency. When more people get into this platform, the opportunities are unlimited. The money we have today, by way of its construct will require a person or a conglomerate of a person(s) called a Company to have control over it. Bitcoin by its sheer nature can be owned by persons, by self-driving cars, by refrigerators and will be opening up opportunities to build applications around this technology. Bitcoin will steer all internet of things in the future.

There have been serious questions about the security of the Bitcoin. Bitcoin in its nature is more secure not because its isolated from attacks but by the sheer reasons thousands of the best hacker programmers in the world are trying to hack it each day and never succeed, and each day Bitcoin is becoming more secure. And Yes, there were instances where people tried to regulate the Bitcoin by building exchanges and failed like in the classic case of Mt Gox. Bitcoin by its sheer technology has never failed, but when people try to use Bitcoin as a platform to herd money like the exchanges, they become a “honeypot” to the hackers which is in direct conflict to the very philosophy of Bitcoin’s distributed consensus.

Bitcoin is unstoppable. We are certain; world will be revolutionized by the next biggest Gift to Mankind after Internet – The Bitcoin (That’s with a capital “B”)


3 Types of blockchain you need to know

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Blockchain Era:

Hope this blog finds you great!!!

I love to see you all on this blog as we get deeper to the topic. We all came to know what a blockchain is.

It is simply an overall transaction ledger that saves all Bitcoin transactions.

Okay, now let’s discuss the types of blockchain.

I have gone through several website and sorted this type. Maybe some more available but I don’t want to mess up with approximate information.

3 Types of blockchain you need to know.

  1. Permissionless
  2. Private permissioned
  3. Public permissioned.
  4. I said only 3… Be cautious.. :):):)

But this cannot be proved, as it is currently underway.


This is normal. Bitcoin and etherium comes under this type. You can send and receive the bitcoins and it has a shared ledger. Here, users are likely to remain anonymous.

Yes, you can protect sensitive information in a Permissionless Blockchain.


This is similar to Public Permissioned Blockchain expect for one thing. The data is not available for public view.


Here we have chosen people who sanction a transaction. It could be an authority, senior employee, government, institution or anyone assigned. The data can be viewed by the public where the sensitive information can be protected.

You are only allowed to view the data. You don’t have permission to write anything.

If you want to make your data be transparent? In that case, you need to use Public Permissioned Blockchain

For example:

Here when you buy the coin, you can scan the code and track its journey from the point it was caught. The sender’s IOT device is allowed to write data when the coin is received. The coin processor who processes the coin is allowed to write data and so on.

It doesn’t make sense for the public to write data into it. Here the data written like any Blockchain is permanently recorded.

Hope the information is precise. If you want to know more, click here

So, go find your titan.

Here we help you with further more details about Blockchain.

All in all answers given by our IBM certified team.


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What is retaining? And how this is going to help us with the software?

Retainers are like marathon and not a sprint

If you want to start a website, you need to search for a company and check for its reviews and then talk to the support people and then explain your initial level of project.

Which level of hell is this ?

Besides, this can happen only when the company has a good review, isn’t it?

Okay, let say, you found a company. You have given them your requirements. You need to pay for every features you ask additionally and the support they give will not be prioritised.

Instead, you can hire a retainer from the company and then give your requirements and your payment will be one-off and prioritized.

You can avoid many sticker-shocks when you hire a retainer.

Not all creative firms offer marketing services and not all marketing firms offer creative services. We do both, grab your firm.

I believe that a basic stipulation for a startup is cost-conscious.

Does that sound right?

Well, business minded person thinks where he can save his money. For this, retaining concept is really a boon.

Once you pay for a retainer, he will be all yours and you can be stress free.

Retainers give you access to collective mind-share.

When you hire a full-service marketing firm, you are buying the time, talent, and expertise of the agency staff, as well as their vendor and media relationships. There are a few ways to pay for these services, including variable hourly billing, flat-fee project-based billing, or a retainer agreement.

If you have not worked with the retainer, then start hiring now.

But a few weeks away from delivering the final project to your client, start the discussion about how, if at all, it makes sense for you to continue working with them.

Reasons for hiring the retainers are

They are more predictable.

  1. They are highly accountable.
  2. More periodic and foreseeable.


The retainer model creates a relationship between the agency and client, establishing trust, credibility and accountability!

With no more nickel and dime, pick your retainer with us.
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As I have already told you Django is the framework developed in python for developing websites.

After reading this blog, you should not compare Django with PHP or Ruby because it is totally a distinct platform for the startups and developers.

Well, now let us see why this is chosen better than the other platforms.

A business is always one’s dream. Hope you agree.

A dream can be given a language and shaping it to reality, takes just a few minutes, when you are doing it with Django.

Its highly trending because it has no glaring holes in its design.

The framework has the explicit morals called the “ZEN OF PYTHON”. This is very simple and descriptive for the startups to develop both the backend and frontend of the website. This intelligible structure of language is not available with any other frameworks.

Let me compare Django with other languages for your easy understanding.

Python the eldest of the two programming language was designed to enhance productivity and better readable code. On the other hand, Ruby was designed on the basic principle of making programming easy and flexible.

Fortunately, the majority of beginners start coding with Python.

Its syntax is simply perfect. There are no redundant elements, semicolons, weird special character or unnecessary keywords.

It’s Python syntax that makes it suitable for the vast majority of long-term projects. The readability of code also makes it easier to integrate newcomers in the developers’ team.

Django is a Model-View-Controller architectural pattern to simplify the creation of web application and good for prototyping.

The installation is very fast when compared to Ruby.

Python, on the contrary, goes far beyond the web development. There are lots of guys who use Python to create geographic information systems, scientific oriented projects, automation testing systems and much more.

Go With Django and Python if you,

Know what you’re doing.

Are a perfectionist with deadlines.

Think that documentation is a programmer’s best friend.

Django is the elder framework and the learning is easy compared to Rails.

For beginners, Django will be a great starting point.

I think this documentation is much sufficient to answer your basic queries.

If you still haven’t got a chance to program with Python — do it, you won’t be disappointed.

Click here to get a better choice.
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Winning tactics from website retainer



Whilst it isn’t recommended that you redesign your website too frequently, work on a site doesn’t stop after launch.

Let me try a jargon here.. :):) “A website should be neither messy nor completed”.

Wow.. sounds great!!!

Here runs a weird world called retainers.

Life as a freelancer. Ahhh, wouldn’t that be grand?

Total freedom. Control. A job you love. Crippling anxiety …

Being a king maker instead a king.

Not a big deal… :(:(

Of course.. If you are done with the good company.

How it sounds when a person works for you as like your partner and takes part in all your success and failure.

And if fails, again works for you to get you succeed.

Nice, isn’t it?

It is going to be an one-off payment and prioritize your work.

We work hard to make sure that the time outlined is the time used, but if the hours of work are greater or fewer than agreed, this is carried forward by one month.

Okay, now let me tell you the winning tactics when you hire a retainer.

  1. Dedicated and prior work.
  1. A retainer does what you haven’t find time to do.
  1. A retainer knows your business and its outcome.
  1. There will be no additional charge. So, money is saved.
  1. Website can be maintained at one hand and knows the nooks and corners of the website.

The key to success is transparency and openness between agencies. When everyone has a clear understanding of who is doing what, the client can reap the benefits from the specialised skills and expertise of multiple organisations.

A retainer’s work are as follows,

Account Management: on-going email support and regular conference calls.

Analytics: quarterly reporting on website stats, including insight and recommendations.

CMS(Content Management System): editing, training and support.

SEO (search-engine optimisation).

Social media analytics.

Newsletter campaigns.

Marketing support.

Bug fixes.

Server maintenance.

Creative direction and design work.

At Cogzidel, we do this genuine and serve the best.

Pick your team at a nominal price and start building the relationship with us.

After all, a business is building relationship beyond making money.
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