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Cogzidel has vast experience with Boonex Dolphin archicture… Cogzidel is one of the early Service Providers for Boonex Dolphin & we were their first Official Partner to service their customers… Our Boonex Dolphin service offerings are;

  • Boonex Dolphin Customization
  • Boonex Dolphin Script Installation
  • Boonex Dolphin Plugin / Module Installation
  • Boonex Dolphin Plugin / Module Development
  • Boonex Dolphin Plugin / Module Customization
  • Boonex Dolphin Theme Integration
  • Boonex Dolphin WebSite Setup

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Boonex Dolphin – Nginx : Upload error 413 (Resolved)

Cogzidel Technologies works for UK’s top dating website and we recently upgrade their Boonex Dolphin to 7.1 and also migrated to a new server.

The server runs on Nginx Webserver and my dev team faced a strange issue. The website allows the users to upload music or video files up to 2MB in size and nothing more than that ūüė¶

We got “Upload error 413” as the error message.

Are you curious to know how we resolved the issue?

Here is the step by step instruction how to resolve the error message.

(i) Login as root in your SSH

(ii) #vi /etc/nginx/nginx.conf (open nginx configuration file)

(iii) Add the below line in nginx configuration file in http sector

“client_max_body_size 15M;”

(iv)Save the file by pressing esc :wq

(v) Then Press Enter

(vi) Type service nginx restart to restart the nginx service!

(vii)¬†That’s it ūüôā !! Now nginx allow you to upload any MP3 / Video files up to 15 MB.

(viii) You can change the 15M to whatever size you want

See the below image for your reference.


Leading IT company involves in Boonex Dolphin Module and Plugin Development

Need of social networks:

Social Networking and Social Community are the most prominent stuffs in the current internet industry as loads of people spend most of their time in sharing interesting information, Photos, Videos and much more with their friends and neighborhoods living nearby or out of nation with ease. Moreover, it is a passion among the people to create their own profile in those sites to popularize their brand name and identity.

Will the competitors be idle when a new stuff arrives in the market?

Absolutely not! Right away, they will initiate their work on developing their own social networking and social community website with additional features. They will want their product to be number one in the niche market as it is a desire for everyone. Most of them are aware of the fact that developing such kind of websites will consume more time and that is will be complex task too. As a solution to it, all web programmers and web developers approach open source solutions to minimize their work stress by customizing the modules as per their needs.

Social community software in IT market:

In the current IT market, Boonex is one of the leading dating community software expert which understands the programmers needs and provides a special software to reduce the work load of a developer. One of the social network developed by Boonex is Dolphin, a community based software where you can find all necessary modules required for a social network. Dolphin aids the users to download free software and launch their own social network, dating site or online community. Cogzidel Technologies is a leading custom web development and mobile application development company offering various Boonex Dolphin community websites to the customers throughout the world and offering the following services as well in the boonex dolphin platform:

  1. Boonex Dolphin Installation
  2. Boonex Dolphin Integration
  3. Boonex Dolphin Customization
  4. Boonex Dolphin Module Development
  5. Boonex Dolphin Plugin Development
  6. Boonex Dolphin Extension Development
  7. Boonex Dolphin Theme Design
  8. Boonex Dolphin Template Development

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Why hire a Boonex Dolphin Developer?

As you all might be aware of, boonex dolphin serves to be an excellent platform for building social networking sites. As it carries multi support features and you get complete unencrypted php source code, it is one of the most advanced free community software available in the web world being chosen by loads of customers. You can hire a boonex dolphin developer professional that can help you with your boonex dolphin development projects and make your site’s online presence unique and custom friendly.

Any company / customer who intend to build a community site for his concern needs to draft a plan including the type of design you are interested in, the theme, the keywords which need to be included so that the site built is impressive and search engine friendly. This is the part where the skilled developer’s expertise in boonex dolphin plays a crucial role. As they will be available online most of the time in a day, the communication of the hired developer with the client will be much quicker and easy, which plays a crucial role in the velocity of the project.

Hire a boonex dolphin developer


We have discussed few of the reasons that might prove to be rewarding when you hire a skilled boonex dolphin developer for your custom work. When you decide to hire one of the best dedicated boonex dolphin developers, you will need to review the past projects based on boonex dolphin software as it speaks for the quality of work served by the developer. Once you hire the right dedicated boonex dolphin developer for your custom work, you can be rest assured that the project would be developed from the development center for a cost effective solution. As you will be always connected to your chosen developer via e-mail, telephone, mobile phone, online communication messengers such as skype, msn and so on, you will be holding complete control over the entire software development process in regards to the project requirements.

You can hire the developers who are well versed in the latest trends in the social web app development on hourly / weekly / monthly or on project basis according to your needs at an affordable cost and proceed further for an effective result. As daily and weekly reports about the project will be updated by the developer to the client, you can review the work every day to make sure that the project development is on right on track and heading in the right direction.

Cogzidel Technologies filled with a pool of skilled boonex dolphin developers are handling the boonex dolphin integration, boonex dolphin theme design, boonex dolphin template design, and much more by adopting a professional approach and completing them with ease for a nominal cost. They assist their customers in customizing the social engine site to meet their business specific needs. If you are looking to set the right look for your dolphin site, you can hire a dolphin programmer / developer by contacting our support team and proceed further.

Buy the Latest Boonex Dolphin Addons and Modules at just $9.99

As known by most, Cogzidel Technologies keeps updating its services using the latest technologies available in the market. The add-ons listed below offered for highly reckoned script – Boonex Dolphin were available in Dolphin 7.0.3 version. The Dolphin add-ons has been upgraded to the latest version Dolphin 7.0.4. The latest updated add-ons can be availed by all users worldwide.

You can click on the following available add-ons to get detailed information about them.