Gift for Honesty and Hard (Smart) work

We are very proud to announce that an awesome celebration happened in Cogzidel yesterday. Our employee Mr. Sudharsana Rajalingam was promoted as Project Manager from the position Team Leader, who joined two years back. We heartily congratulate and wish him to extend his responsibility and support for all the achievements of Cogzidel.





Cogzidel proud to celebrate one of the big day in India: Republic Day of India

As India is heading towards their 63rd Republic Day, the celebrations in the midst of Indian people are currently on and so has the rehearsal of the Parade of the Military which is to take place live on 26th January, 2012 in Delhi, India to mark the day as the date when India became a Republic state in 1950. The celebrations will take place in all the state capitals and at other centres such as offices, banks and other places as well to honor the anniversary.

63rd Republic Day of India

As known by most, the Republic day parade happening at Rajpath can be witnessed in person or over the National TV which will broadcast the grand parade live which will constitute the speech of the President and Prime minster on the Freedom Fighters of India which will be followed by the Indian Army, Air force, and Navy march showing the strength of the Indian Force which will be followed by vans exhibiting the unique diversity of the different states of India, National folk dances and much more.

Republic Day of India Celebrations


Republic day declared as a gazette holiday in India does visualize the cultures and the diversity present in the country. There will be loads of local and national cultural programs which would exhibit the history of India. Cogzidel Technologies takes this opportunity to wish all their Indian Customers a Happy Republic Day.

To mark this special day, we will be offering amazing discount on our various clone script products. For more details please contact

Be Proud To Be an Indian! Jai Hind!!!

Cogzidel Celebrates Pongal, India’s Harvest Festival

Cogzidel wishes Happy Pongal 2012


 Pongal is India’s annual harvest festival, which is slated on January 15 of this year. This is basically a great opportunity to celebrate a good, bountiful harvest. For many people, it also marks the chance to drive away bad memories of the past, which can be done by burning old items, and looking forward to a better year ahead.

The 2012 Pongal Harvest Festival is especially significant as it marks the transit in which the Sun will enter Capricorn on January 15th. This presents a perfect opportunity to rewrite the rules and change the old ways. As they say, aim for better and brighter things ahead.

Having made a successful run during the past year, Cogzidel joins India and the rest of the world in celebrating abundance and prosperity. It’s a 4-day thanksgiving celebration marked with good food and pure fun, being one of the most important festivals in Hindu culture.

As we step into the New Year, we look forward to big positive changes and better opportunities. The Cogzidel team has already jumpstarted 2012 with the release of a number of highly innovative products, including the much-anticipated Pinterest clone. This the successful start of 2012, Cogzidel expects to set the tone of productivity and prosperity for the entire year for its organization and the clients it caters. With great projects lined up, we can definitely expect for better things up ahead in our unending quest of harnessing the full potential of technology.

In behalf of the entire Cogzidel family, we would like to extend our warm and sincere wishes of bounties of happiness, prosperity and sustained success.

Cogzidel Wishes You All A Very Happy and Prosperous Pongal!

Happy Holidays: Start your vacation on this X’mas and New Year with family

It’s that time of the year again where we all get a time to pause and contemplate a wonderful and successful year it has turned out to be. With all the projects we have worked on and completed this year, 2011 sure flew by quickly. This year, we were exceptionally blessed with innumerable opportunities to serve a rapidly growing client base. As we prepare for another exciting year ahead, the Cogzidel team would like to extend our heartfelt “Thank You’s” for your continued support and patronage over the past years. Your unswerving preference and trust has sparked a blaze of inspiration to keep us going and motivate us to continually enhance our products and services.

Here at Cogzidel, we take great pride in providing the latest and most advanced web based solutions, mobile application development and customer service with the aim to be an invaluable asset and ally to propel the businesses and endeavors of our clients. Your success is true testament of our success and for that we are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your continued growth.

Happy Holidays

As we look forward to 2012, we can’t help but share our excitement on the upcoming events, projects and updates we have lined up. We thrive in the challenge of continually providing innovative and out-of-the-box solutions and relentlessly exploring the possibilities of technology.

On behalf of the entire Cogzidel family, with sincere gratitude, we would like to wish you and your family a joyful holiday and a bountiful new year ahead.

Best wishes for 2012 🙂 Onwards and upwards we go!