I often see people blame their failures or inefficiency on somebody or something. Hardly they realize that the buck has to stop at their level.

Instead of dealing with the failure, they start living with the failure. To make things worse, over a period, they dwell on this too much resulting to demotivation. A continuous cycle of these instances will leave them stressed, in every which way.

Do remember, you are 100% responsible for whatever happens in your life. When you celebrate success in your life & claim most of it as yours, why not approach failure in the same way?!

– Food for thought from Sam K, CTO of Cogzidel Corporation.

Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

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Just happened to see below tweet from Randi Zuckerberg & a post from WordPress Daily Post has kindled my thought process as an Entrepreneur.

To give you a small backdrop about me aka publicity 😉

CTO is my profession & Entrepreneurship is my passion…

Fortunately, thanks to my CEO & childhood friend Anand Nataraj, I am onto my second stint of entrepreneurship & added to the beauty, I am paid for it!! So per Anand’s word, I am an Interpreneur!!

Now back to the main story line! Like every Enterpreneur or Interpreneur, one of my perennial issue is to figure out a right Work/Life balance. To be frank, this was actually a problem even when I was an Employee 🙂

I initially try to see if I can find a way to achieve all parameters listed out by Randi. But since Randi clearly asked us to pick only 3, here are my three

P.S – Please note that expressions in the bracket are my mind voice 😀

  1. Building a Great Company & that company is Cogzidel! (Else I will be murdered by Anand :p)
  2. Spending time with family. (Violating this will lead me to get murdered by wife Chitra who will for sure team up with our lovely daughters Kamali & Rini to see this mission accomplished)
  3. Staying Fit. (Violating this will invite death sentence from both my work & life partners :p)

For Entrepreneurs, sleep is a luxury so it was not a hard choice for me to let it go. But giving up friendship was quite difficult but as the saying goes, you have to give some to earn some.

So that’s my choice, what your pick of 3?!

Cartoons are Powered By Cogzidel Cartoon Creatives (CCC)

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I want now!

Cogzidel Review by Jannik

Hello guys

Just wants to say thanks for the delivery of the work. We finally found out to work out some bugs and work further on it. I appreciate your work and hope we will do business in the future aswell.

I wish you guys all the best! You can ping me anytime you need something!
– Jannik
Thanks Tony! Your appreciation meant a lot to us!