Multi Currency System – DropInn feature for the day

Expanding your business into new countries and localities is exciting, but can be daunting. DropInn can help by tackling one of the most common challenges international business owners have: tracking and managing multiple currencies.DropInn (3).png

DropInn is evolved as a platform for all rental needs. Though it is an Airbnb clone script, DropInn can absolutely be tailored to your requirements. DropInn not only enables you to work faster, but smarter and better too.

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DropInn-Mobile iOS V1.7 now includes more features


Having a dedicated mobile app for your Vacation rentals gives your users a way to search your listings. If you wish to help people looking out for a place to stay during their vacation, then DropInn Mobile iOS v1.7 will be a great option to serve the purpose.

We have now included more exciting features to take your business to the next level.

The newly implemented features include:

1) Checkin Functionality: The Traveler (Guest) can easily select the Checkin option once the Arrival date appears in the Your Trips page.

2) Checkout Functionality: After Traveler(Guest) checks in, Checkout option will be enabled once the Departure date appears in the Your Trips page.

3) Host review Functionality: Host can give his review for Traveler(Guest) by selecting the 5 star rating in the Host Message page. This option will be enabled, once the Traveler checks out from the host’s space.

4) Guest review Functionality: Now, it is Traveler turn to give the review for Host by selecting the 5 star rating. This option will be enabled in Your Trips page if and only if the Host has given review about the Traveler.

5) Bug Fixing: DropInn mobile is the simplest and fastest way to give your users the opportunity to search their vacation rentals. Get DropInn mobile now and stay closer to your customers, all time and every time!!

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Identify your reliable host with ease. It’s DropInn 4.1.6!

DropInn Airbnb – Version 4.1.4


We always want our users to be ahead in the competition. Which is why, we constantly work towards improvising our DropInn. We now bring you DropInn 4.1.4 that includes two more interesting features. Upgrade now to enjoy the benefits these features offer you.

  • Referral Management:

We have introduced Dynamic Referral Amount, wherein Referral promotion type can be either fixed or based on a percentage.

In Percentage Pay, the Site Admin/Owner can change the percentage of referral payment in two parts. First part of the percentage payment will be credited when the referred user completes a stay as Guest. Second part of the percentage payment will be credited when the referred user rents a place as Host. Previously, it was fixed/static, with $100 as the referral amount)

  • Site Title and Site Slogan

Now, the site title and site slogan can be displayed in the Home page. Previously, these details were displayed only in the email. There is also a provision for this information to be updated in the Admin Panel.

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