I often see people blame their failures or inefficiency on somebody or something. Hardly they realize that the buck has to stop at their level.

Instead of dealing with the failure, they start living with the failure. To make things worse, over a period, they dwell on this too much resulting to demotivation. A continuous cycle of these instances will leave them stressed, in every which way.

Do remember, you are 100% responsible for whatever happens in your life. When you celebrate success in your life & claim most of it as yours, why not approach failure in the same way?!

– Food for thought from Sam K, CTO of Cogzidel Corporation.

Operation First Name!

At Cogzidel, it’s odd & weird that people call their colleagues as Anna, Akka, Sir, Madam etc.,

Recently we studied a bunch of communication issues in our office. Of these, we found out that these showering of respect, indeed creating a disruption between the Cogzians. Newly joined Cogzians exhibit shyness, fear, inhibition towards experienced Cogzians citing that ‘They are our elders. How can we contact / demand / request / seek help from them?’

Being taken up professionally in the US & European market, myself & Anand always used to address our colleagues & customers using their first name. We tried to educate the Cogzians on this, but in vain!

So we have kick-started the ‘Operation First Name’ which attempts to weed out the respect factor! People who failed to call their colleagues and bosses by their first name will bear to pay a spot fine of ₹1 on the Smiling Hulk Piggy Bank! We will be appointing Operation Seargents who will supervise the floor for Rule breakers & collect the spot fine! From the accumulated amount, we have decided to use 10% of it to award the Seargents & remaining will go into ‘Fun @ Work’ Kitty!

Arun Bhavin did the honors of being the first rule breaker & victim!