Pattr – Whatsapp / Telegram clone


PattrWhatsapp / Telegram clone

We are thrilled to be emailing you with some big news: Pattr, a Whatsapp / Telegram Clone is here.


You can now do chats, calls, video calls, send or receive images and videos through this platform. The app is specifically targeted for the budding entrepreneurs who would like to create their own space where their staff could communicate effectively. If you are thinking of the same, you are at the right place! Why are you waiting for, just get in touch with us to place an inquiry and we will get in touch with you right away!



Promo code – Arcane feature for the day

Upon rider’s registration, promo code will be sent as text messages to the riders. This enables them to avail offers and this can be managed by Admin as well. Still waiting? Register your account, receive promo code and enjoy your ride. 7Cogzidel is proud to unveil Arcane, an inspiration from Uber, for all on-demand hiring services. Arcane is a mobile app technology that helps you connect people willing to share, with people who seek the services.

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Auto Layout – Arcane Feature for the day

The newly implemented auto layout feature enables the Arcane app to be compatible with any kind of devices such as tablets, iPhone, and iPad.

Enjoy the seamless Arcane app service from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.Auto-Layout-Arcane-Feature-From-CogzidelArcane is a mobile app technology that helps you connect people willing to share, with people who seek the services.

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Latest version of Arcane Features – Mobile iOS and Android v2.1, now in App Store and Play Store

Arcane will serve as a perfect tool for all on-demand online hiring services. We offer 100% customizable source code, which can be tailored to meet your business requirements.


Pay for a ride with just a one click on your smartphone
Integrated payment gateways – Braintree and Paypal
Admin can pay driver via Braintree Payment Gateway
Rider can choose even on ending trip

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Database Testing Services

Testing Services (7)Applications now-a-days are more complex and so is the database. Database being the key asset of your organization, it becomes imperative to determine if your data is highly secured.

Is it not good to invest effort to validate the data through effective testing?
Our testing team performs the Database test to ensure that the values stored and retrieved from the database is accurate. The Testers deal wit the testable item that are abstract from the user. The process involves thorough testing and validation of the Schema, tables, triggers, stored procedures, database server validations, and data duplication.  We follow  “Fresh start” and “Data reinitialization” strategies and have strong and sound knowledge in the database server and SQL concepts.
We do integration test of the application using the production environment. This is to doubly ensure that your application works as intended, after deploying to production!