Is there any way to stop pinning the website images to Pinterest?

Everybody is well aware of pinterest these days due to its image tagging feature and they can pin their favorite images via websites or upload their own. But considering privacy some of the organizations and business owners won’t allow the users to pin their website images to pinterest. This can be done by simply inserting the following meta tag between <head> and </head> section in the html page which aids to block the users not to pin the images present in the website.

<meta name=”pinterest” content=”nopin” />

Below is the screen shot of a html page which blocks the users not to pin the images to pinterest.

Block users to pin images on pinterest

How to pin your favorite quotes and text?

As Pinterest is a growing social network, every nation remake their own social image tagging application for their businesses. The major countries such as China, India and Singapore are involved in providing pinterest clone as it’s popularity increases day by day and due to its image and video tagging feature as well.


Hope everyone knows that Pinterest is a popular social picture bookmarking site where the users can share and bookmark their favorite images, pics and videos on a categorized pinboard. A question can arise in everyone’s mind, then what about text? Is there any way to bookmark particular text?

Pin A Quote:

Can we pin a favorite quotes or text which we come across in our daily life?


In my opinion, it is possible! Of course a new¬†service named “PINAQUOTE” ( similar to Pinterest which enables the users to pin their favorite¬†quotes or text and pin it to their pinterest profile.

Steps involved to pin a text:

  1. Type in the browser address bar
  2. Drag the “Pin A Quote” button to the bookmarks bar
  3. Highlight or Select the favorite text which you want to pin
  4. Click on the “Pin A Quote” bookmarklet button
  5. The highlighted text will be appeared in the bookmarking popup window and then post it
  6. Now the users will be redirected to a new page where they can send the posted text to Pinterest just by clicking Pin it link
  7. Categorize the posted text according to the pinboard and view it in your pinterest profile


How to get the score for a Pinterest profile?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is one of the prominent way to drive the traffic for a website. Lot of social media sites are available these days where the users can share their thoughts, day by day incidents, happenings, events, etc. with their friends across the network. Using social media sites, one can create a personal profile or company profile and can start to brand their own personal identity and company as well.


Social media score is a factor which helps to find out how many actions performed by a user such as likes, retweets, comments and more in a social network. Based on the high score value, the updates shared in the personal or business profile can be shown as real time results in search results pages.

Social Media Analytics:

  1. Klout is a social media analytics to measure the user’s influence across their social networks. The analysis is done on data taken from sites such as Twitter and Facebook and measures the size of a person’s network, the content created, and how other people interact with that content.
  2. PinClout is an another social media analytics service for Pinterest (similar to Klout) whose name has renamed as PinReach now.

New user administration and management in Google Webmasters Tools

Google Webmasters tools has included a new option named “User Administration” in the “Site Configuration” category where the account administrator can add upto 100 users in the account and manage permissions to them as well.

User administration in Google webmasters

We can add or remove site owners by landing on to Owner Verification Page:

  1. This new option will help the added users have the right to access the website submitted in webmasters tools.
  2. Can be able to add a new user and delegate the user by just click the unverify link if we want to remove.
  3. Possible to revoke the delegated users back if we want them to access it again.
  4. The most notable feature is that the users who have gmail id only allowed to view it and not allowed for domain based email ids inspite of created via Google based mail app.
Multiple users manage in Google webmasters

Five important tips to brand your product via Pinterest

Pinterest is the mind blowing social media today where it generates more referral traffic to a website or a blog when compared to other popular social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Google Plus. It simply works as a great marketing tool for your product based websites and blog.


As far as the business is concerned, this startup would help a lot to entrepreneurs and small business owners to generate revenue. For example, Pinterest enhance their business strategies and improve their product development as well. They can share their company products images and vids, infographics, etc. on this network which bring conversion and lead generation to their business.


Now a question is raised in your mind, how to use pinterest for B2C campaigns? Let’s see below how the pinterest helps for conversion in B2C .


  1. Proper consistency in the network
  2. Pin the product images in the website or blog which you want to brand
  3. Install the Pin It button in the products page which bring a backlink to that source
  4. Promote the product with your own style using attractive title, pinboard and description
  5. #hashtag helps to consolidate the pics and vids with appropriate community