Learn the truth about On Demand Services in the next 60 seconds

Building an on-demand services app needs a heck of a

  • lot of creativity
  • passion for the technology
  • and of course, love for efficiency

A successful on-demand services app should

  • make people’s lives easier,
  • must be enjoyed by its customers,
  • and should provide significant job opportunities in a stagnant industry.

By creating UBER like apps for the new or existing stagnant industry, one can reap enormous rewards & at the same time add meaningful value to the society.

If one believes that On-demand services offer a groundbreaking product, they are wrong. Instead, they offer a more efficient and easier way to do something that people need to do anyway. Everyone wants to be more efficient in their daily tasks so they can focus on things that matter to them.

Now let’s play a Q&A game. Do you want to start the next ‘Uber for X app’? Great. Then take a look at the activities you do in your daily routine life. Among those routine daily chores, which of those can be taken care by using a little bit of technology using an on-demand services app?

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On Demand Cycle Hiring – The Next Big thing

Do you want to explore a city and its culture? Do you want to smell restaurants before you see them? Do you want to hear different langauges spoken by different neighbourhoods? Then, Hire a cycle with a few taps on your smartphone and ride for hours, days and weeks across the city. You can save a lot of money, burn a few calories and have a lot of fun.
The Different types of services on offer
– Hire Cycles by minutes/hours
– Hire Cycles by Days/months


With the rising traffic congestion, you can just browse and choose a cycle and ride anywhere you like. This is the best choice for people going on an expedition and site seeing. This system existed 20 years back and people were able to hire cycles for hourly basis and half an hour basis for a very lesser cost from bicycle repair shops which was in every corner of the street. With the Advancement in the Automobile industry and the passing of time, the bicycle rentals slowly started fading. This business is now rediscovered
-Delivery services using Cycles
Apart from this, Hiring Cycles are a better choice than cars or trucks for Delivery services especially for Courier Delivery and Food Delivery. They are much faster, cheaper for inter- city deliveries as the maintenance charges, when compared to a truck is very minimal. Most importantly, there are places where a truck or a car can’t deliver goods but a cyclist can
The Uber revolution has made this business idea a reality. This system is getting more eminent because you save a lot of money as you’re not paying for fuel and it is good for the environment. Moreover hiring employees for Delivery services is easier as most people can ride cycles.

Admin Panel -Arcane feature for the day

In Admin Panel the admin is the big player here. The Admin sets the site and has the complete authority over the site. The Admin decides on setting up the commission limits, member management, Request Accept duration, Category settings, Car Settings, Transaction settings, Payment settings, and Email settings. By using this platform, as an Admin, you can earn money in a more profitable way.15Cogzidel is proud to unveil Arcane, an inspiration from Uber, for all on-demand hiring services. Arcane is a mobile app technology that helps you connect people willing to share, with people who seek the services.

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Arcane – Uber Clone v1.6

Testing Services

Uber Clone V1.6 brings you a feature that helps in saving more on your travel. You can pool your friends en route, split the fare, and lower the cost of your travel.

Will this not be beneficial?

In this release, we have implemented the Split Fare functionality which aids in splitting the ride cost seamlessly.

This is how it works:

1. The Primary Rider sends a request for Split Fare to the mobile Contacts.
2. The Contacts are prompted with a notification to accept the Split Fare request.
3. If a Contact accepts the request, the Primary Rider is notified about the acceptance and the details are displayed in the Splitting Fare section.
4. The accepted Riders/Contacts are then picked at their location.
5. When the trip is complete, the fare is split based on the distance traveled by the Riders.
6. The shared fare receipt is sent to all the Riders.
7. The payment details of each Shared Rider is notified to the Driver.

Read More: http://www.cogzidel.com/uber-clone
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