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DropInn – Mobile iOS v3.0


DropInn-Mobile iOS evolved with additional enhancements. This improved version helps Admin to manage their users more efficiently. Keep reading to learn about the changes we have made in this release.


1. Cloudinary CDN integration

With this feature, It is easy to manage and manipulate the images over the cloud. Also, CDN provides access for retrieving the images in very fast manner. Also, there is no need to worry about server space increase

2. Code Cleanup

We have Cleaned up all the unwanted and commented codes.

3. Admin Panel for DropInn-Mobile iOS v3.0

With the purchase of DropInn-Mobile iOS v3.0 , we provided separate admin panel for the users without having DropInn web. With this, Admin can easily handle the Member Management and User listing management.

4. Google login module added

The added feature of DropInn – Mobile iOS v3.0 allows the users to signup/login via their Gmail account.

5.Multi-list images

We have added multi-list images to DropInn -Mobile iOS v3.0 .
Using the multi-list images the user can view all the images in the slider which has been placed in the list details.

6. Title based search

User can be able to search a list just by typing the title.

7. Review information for list

Using this feature the user can able to see the overall review for each list

8. Bug Fixes

Fixed critical bugs that hindered the stability of the app.


For more information, reach us at call at +1-818-302-8158, or skype us at cogzidel.

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Uber for X services-Business Module

Start your online hiring business with Uber for X services!UB13Cogzidel is proud to unveil Arcane, an inspiration from Uber, for all on-demand hiring services. Arcane is a mobile app technology that helps you connect people willing to share, with people who seek the services

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Airbnb for X services marketplace business module

Start your online rental business with Airbnb for X services!
Airbnb X (14)

DropInn has evolved as a platform for all rental needs. Though it is an Airbnb clone script, DropInn can be tailored to your requirements. DropInn not only enables you to work faster but smarter and better too.

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