5 Tips For Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur (Infographic)

Just stumbled upon today’s WordPress Daily Post on the topic Alma Mater. The post mandates us to prepare a speech on path of life. For the last four years, Entrepreneurship has become my obsession & passion. So thought of sharing few things about Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is adventure. As with every adventure, fear comes along! We all like adventures but always fear stops from trying it out.

Over the years, I saw many people got obsessed on the idea of entrepreneurship. But only few were able to overcome their fear & ventured it out.

To encourage wannabe entrepreneurs, here are “5 Tips For Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur” from Michael Bloomberg. Our Creative Team attempted to Cartoonish his tips as Infographics & we hope you will love it!​


If you need any free consultation on Start up & Entrepreneurship, feel free to contact us. We, the CXO Team at Cogzidel are proud to be Entrepreneurs & will be glad to help you out.

Sam K
Director @ Cogzidel Technologies Private Limited

ksawme has started working on Anand’s Biography!

ksawme has started working on Anand's Biography!

Cogzidel Technologies Cartoon of the day!

For lot of internal & external reasons, ksawme has started working on Anand’s & his own biography!

Being a good boy, we are not going to find anything interesting in ksawme’s biography!

Although it is going to take years in the making, Anand’s biography will sure create a wave as it will have loads of Controversies for sure!

Booker Prize! Here we come!

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