Cogzidel’s Boonex Dolphin Service Offering

Boonex Dolphin Logo
Boonex Dolphin Logo
Boonex Dolphin Logo

Cogzidel has vast experience with Boonex Dolphin archicture… Cogzidel is one of the early Service Providers for Boonex Dolphin & we were their first Official Partner to service their customers… Our Boonex Dolphin service offerings are;

  • Boonex Dolphin Customization
  • Boonex Dolphin Script Installation
  • Boonex Dolphin Plugin / Module Installation
  • Boonex Dolphin Plugin / Module Development
  • Boonex Dolphin Plugin / Module Customization
  • Boonex Dolphin Theme Integration
  • Boonex Dolphin WebSite Setup

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Boonex Dolphin – Nginx : Upload error 413 (Resolved)

Cogzidel Technologies works for UK’s top dating website and we recently upgrade their Boonex Dolphin to 7.1 and also migrated to a new server.

The server runs on Nginx Webserver and my dev team faced a strange issue. The website allows the users to upload music or video files up to 2MB in size and nothing more than that šŸ˜¦

We got “Upload error 413” as the error message.

Are you curious to know how we resolved the issue?

Here is the step by step instruction how to resolve the error message.

(i) Login as root in your SSH

(ii) #vi /etc/nginx/nginx.conf (open nginx configuration file)

(iii) Add the below line in nginx configuration file in http sector

“client_max_body_size 15M;”

(iv)Save the file by pressing esc :wq

(v) Then Press Enter

(vi) Type service nginx restart to restart the nginx service!

(vii)Ā That’s it šŸ™‚ !! Now nginx allow you to upload any MP3 / Video files up to 15 MB.

(viii) You can change the 15M to whatever size you want

See the below image for your reference.


Buy the Latest Boonex Dolphin Addons and Modules at just $9.99

As known by most, Cogzidel Technologies keeps updating its services using the latest technologies available in the market. The add-ons listed below offered for highly reckoned script – Boonex Dolphin were available in Dolphin 7.0.3 version. The Dolphin add-ons has been upgraded to the latest version Dolphin 7.0.4. The latest updated add-ons can be availed by all users worldwide.

You can click on the following available add-ons to get detailed information about them.

Dolphin Bucket 1.0: Photobucket Themed Dolphin Script

If you are interested in uploading and sharing photos you have landed in the right place. Yes! Dolphin Bucket is the premier destination for uploading and sharing photos. You can upload your images and you can share them by email with your buddies. You can also share them on Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Dolphin Bucket comes with additional features such as Videos, Forums, Chat, News and more. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your own Dolphin Bucket site.

Dolphin Bucket 1.0

If you would like to know more about the features of this product, check out the link below:

For further enquiries and clarifications regarding this product, contact

Facebook clone theme for Dolphin version 7.0.2

In our marketĀ  place i.e clonescripts there is a new launch of facebook cloned theme for the dolphin version of 7.0.2 with one important featureĀ Ā  theme switcher .We are happy to announce that the Dolphin book has been upgraded to latest version Dolphin 7.0.2 with an additional feature ofĀ  theme switcher.

Dolphin Book is a social networking script with many advanced features of Facebook. Users can create their own profile and actively participate in sharing their views, photos, videos, articles, blogs, forums, chats and much more

Facebook theme in dolphin v7.0.2
Facebook theme in dolphin v7.0.2


  • Theme Switcher
  • FaceBook Wall functionality
  • Option to have Advertisement
  • Invite Gmail friends
  • Member’s Events
  • Profile options like facebook
  • Friendā€™s photos
  • Other dolphin features like forum ,blogs, ads ,photos, videos, chat also included
  • Tableless design and 100% css based
  • Multiple layout options can configured within seconds from the backend
  • Browser Compatibility ( IE 7 , IE 8, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
  • .PSD files also included

See the live demo here

Purchase the template here