Boonex Dolphin – Nginx : Upload error 413 (Resolved)

Cogzidel Technologies works for UK’s top dating website and we recently upgrade their Boonex Dolphin to 7.1 and also migrated to a new server.

The server runs on Nginx Webserver and my dev team faced a strange issue. The website allows the users to upload music or video files up to 2MB in size and nothing more than that 😦

We got “Upload error 413” as the error message.

Are you curious to know how we resolved the issue?

Here is the step by step instruction how to resolve the error message.

(i) Login as root in your SSH

(ii) #vi /etc/nginx/nginx.conf (open nginx configuration file)

(iii) Add the below line in nginx configuration file in http sector

“client_max_body_size 15M;”

(iv)Save the file by pressing esc :wq

(v) Then Press Enter

(vi) Type service nginx restart to restart the nginx service!

(vii) That’s it 🙂 !! Now nginx allow you to upload any MP3 / Video files up to 15 MB.

(viii) You can change the 15M to whatever size you want

See the below image for your reference.