Arcane – Uber Clone v1.6

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Uber Clone V1.6 brings you a feature that helps in saving more on your travel. You can pool your friends en route, split the fare, and lower the cost of your travel.

Will this not be beneficial?

In this release, we have implemented the Split Fare functionality which aids in splitting the ride cost seamlessly.

This is how it works:

1. The Primary Rider sends a request for Split Fare to the mobile Contacts.
2. The Contacts are prompted with a notification to accept the Split Fare request.
3. If a Contact accepts the request, the Primary Rider is notified about the acceptance and the details are displayed in the Splitting Fare section.
4. The accepted Riders/Contacts are then picked at their location.
5. When the trip is complete, the fare is split based on the distance traveled by the Riders.
6. The shared fare receipt is sent to all the Riders.
7. The payment details of each Shared Rider is notified to the Driver.

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Arcane Finds its place in App store

Arcane Finds its place in App store!!-min

With great pride and pleasure, Cogzidel announces the arrival of Arcane in App Store. It is one of the best hiring services app available, that caters to various hiring needs. The features and functionalities we constantly update keeps our users at the edge of the competition.

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Arcane – Uber Clone Version 1.5


We have implemented additional features in Arcane to improve its ability and functionality. Here goes the details.

Arcane Rider

Fare calculation during Prime time:

The site admin updates the prime time and the minimum fare charged. Based on the Prime time and minimum fare, the fare is calculated and the receipt for the same is given when the ride is complete. When Rider requests for a ride, the app will automatically notify if that was a Prime Time, by glowing the Prime Time icon.

Implemented Route map between accepted driver location and rider pickup location:
Rider can view the route map between the accepted driver location and rider pickup location.

Bug Fixes:

Even though it is a tiresome job, we make sure that what we give you is not corrupted by the filthy bugs.

Arcane Driver

Fare calculation during Prime time:

The site admin updates the prime time and it’s minimum fare. Based on the prime time and minimum fare, the fare estimate is calculated and the receipt of the same is given when the ride is complete. The Driver gets extra money during the prime time.

Bug Fixes:
Even though it is a tiresome job, we make sure that what we give you is not corrupted by the filthy bugs.

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