Arcane – Uber Clone Version 1.2

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Start your own business in Hiring services with our Arcane – Uber for on demand services. Arcane has a driver version, rider version, and Arcane is on the Web too.

We provide you here the release notes for Arcane v 1.2, with additional features that enhances the performance even more!!

Release Notes for Arcane version 1.2:

Arcane Rider:

• Implemented car category and car type: Rider can view the different cars available and its fare details. Rider can choose the car category, calculate the fare details, and the estimated fare details.

• Implemented drop location option: Rider can choose the Drop location
before sending the request to driver.

• Implemented PayPal SDK : Rider can pay the amount once the trip is completed,
using the PayPal payment gateway.

• Improved performance: Response time has been fastened thus improving the performance..

• Bug Fixes: Bugs are annoying and we ensure that what we
give you is not corrupted by the filthy bugs!!

Arcane Driver:

• Implemented car category and car type: Driver can add the additional
details of car category, its type, size and price in Sign Up page.

• Improved performance: Response time has been fastened thus improving the performance.

• Bug Fixes: We are on the continuous process of ensuring that Arcane doesn’t annoy you with bugs. This version comes with most of the bugs slashed!!

Arcane Web:

• Implemented car category and car type: Admin can add the car category and
car type. Its shown in driver and rider dynamically. Admin can fix the fare
amount based on price per mile, minutes, and base bare.

• Implemented PayPal payment: Admin can send the payment to driver using
PayPal payment gateway in the Transaction Management of Admin Panel.

• Bug Fixes: Even though it is a tiresome job, we make sure that what we
give you is not corrupted by the filthy bugs.

DropInn Mobile iOS version – 1.1

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DropInn Mobile is a great app for all online rental services. It is a ready to use rental system which can be used for various rentals such as accommodations, cars, bikes, yachts, books, videos, tools, and much more.

We have been constantly striving to improvise the app and here is the list of additional features available in this realease.

1) Implemented “Host Accept” functionality – Now it is much easier for Host to accept the Guest’s reservation requests in App. The Host can also decline the Guest’s reservation requests.

2) Implemented functionality to view messages – Both the Host and Guest can now view the messages related to reservations.

The Host will receive the reservation request messages from the Guests, and the Guest will receive the  accept/decline messages from the Host.

The Host can also view detailed information about a Guest’s reservation by clicking the message.

3) Implemented “Your Listings” functionality – Now. it is easy for host to view/edit and preview their own listings in App. Also, the Host can set list’s visibility in Optional details page.
If the list’s visibility is “Off”, then the list won’t be displayed in search results.

4) We have squeezed bugs to improve the App stability.

Please feel free to mail us at or skype us at cogzidel for more details about DropInn Mobile iOS v1.1

Is your Website Mobile-friendly?

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Take advantage of the mobile platform to reach out to a wider market. There are 5.9 billion people who are using mobile devices today. It’s time to broaden your market reach. With Google’s release of GoMo designed to help businesses, you can now take a strategic spot in the mobile ecosystem, establish your mobile presence and start raking in more revenues.


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