Pinderful ‘Folgen’ 3.0.2

Get ready to experience the new version of Pinderful – Pinterest clone, up to 10 times faster and even better than before.
We have added a lot of new features to provide an exotic look and user experience for your customer’s. Change the way you interact with the world with this new version of Pinderful.Here’s a quick breakdown of new things that we have rolled out,

  • Implemented Find Facebook Friends: With this feature, help your customers to find their Facebook Friends.
  • Implemented Find Twitter Friends: With this feature, give an option to your customers to invite their Twitter Friends.
  • Implemented Follow Facebook & Twitter Friends Option: Your users can now follow their Facebook and Twitter Friends to add more traffic to their website.
  • Improved Email Templates in Admin panel: Ready to use customized Email Templates for welcome mail and new activation mail with this feature.
  • Bug Fixing: We have slashed out all bugs to give a user friendly experience to your website.

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Pinderful Toiminnot 2.8

Now Pinderful Toiminnot  2.8 is now coming colourful with more added features.

Here are the highlights,

  1. Add featured pins – Now you have an awesome option in Pinderful to add featured pind which gives more priority to the pins.
  2. Featured pins page – The featured pins you have added are collectively displayed in the featured pins page.
  3. Paypal IPN integration – Now payment is also very easy with the Paypal IPN integration.
  4. Payment settings in the admin panel – it is very easy for setting the payment options and details using the payment settings in the admin panel.
  5. Display featured pins on the top of search and home page – Featured pins will always be the top in the search and home page.
  6. Bug Fixing – We have fixed most of the bugs. Now you can experience the new bug free version of Pinderful.

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Pinderful Inpingo 2.6

Pinderful Inpingo 2.6

Pinderful Inpingo 2.6 dawns as a new  light in the age of pins. Pinderful opened up a new way to pin images and share them across the globe on a single click. Pin’em and earn the stripes to get the pins the attention they deserve.

 Some of the best features of this release are its Improved notification system, a very catchy UI, an overall boost to the performance and a pin board which can be edited at will. Also keep track of people who are following you and those whom you follow.

Pinderful Inpingo…a true delight to the eyes.



Pinderful Titoli 2.5

Pinderful Titoli 2.5. 

The recent release on Pinderful focuses on the security feature of the package. The security feature XSS of all our products have been rectified and we are ready for a new run

This release mainly focuses on the security issues that were prevalent in the previous versions. A strong security feature includes all corrections in the XSS section and Admin now has the option to delete data from the CMS tool. The description in the admin panel has been minimized for advanced page management.

With security as the main focal point of this version, we plan to give the foremost and a more advanced version of Pinderful.


Pinderful Gerance 2.4


Pinderful Gerance is the new addition to our Pinderful family and we have never been more happier than ever.

The highlight of this update is the URL can be validated in this. Improved features include , inviting your beloved ones via Facebook, email. Find your friends and loved ones in this with our optimised search option.

Looking for similar pins? Piece of cake as we display pins of your interest in the main home page.Click them and get pins from there. There are many other interesting features which we leave to you to ponder and find out.

Have a nice time with our most wonderful pinning clone!!!