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Pin IT! Like IT! Spread IT!

Pinderful welcomes you to the new age of sharing pictures!

A cleaner and a more organized way to display who and what you are, Pinderful is the talk of the e-town. Social media and social sharing just got uppe by Pinderful!

Let your customers display all their favourite emotions and moments as pins. Repin them,like them, leave a comment – all in the single click of a button. Upload pins from another source, share it via Facebook or Twitter and even bookmark them.

Bring out who you are in a more creative way. Welcome to the new age of sharing pictures!

To know more about the release, please send in your queries to support@cogzidel.com

Cogzidel unveils PINDERFUL: Pinterest clone script and online pinboard software

Pinterest has been creating quite a stir in the social networking world over the past months. With the growing demand for better and far innovative version of this increasingly popular online virtual pinboard, the Cogzidel team has set their eyes on generating waves of interest with the unveiling of its new product named “PINDERFUL“, a pinterest clone script.

Trust Cogzidel not to do things by half measures. The new pinterest clone script has all the bells and whistles, specifically designed to be a powerful launch pad and platform for online businesses to tap into the full power of social networking. Since its announcement of this latest project, a lot of people have expressed in getting their hands on this new product.

Well, the wait is finally over. Cogzidel Technologies has launched the much awaited Pinterest clone script for its global users. Customers can reach out support@cogzidel.com to know more about the price and online demo of this social photo sharing software.

PINDERFUL – Pinterest clone

Not quite sure what to do with it? Get your hands on this highly advanced script and create your own virtual network and may be even focus on a specific target market. By generating interest and encouraging people to interact and post their ideas on every imaginable topic, it will just be a matter of time before you attract advertisers to tap into this online community and reach out to their audience.

Pinterest is the hottest social networking site today. For people who want to ride the waves of its popularity and generate serious money of their own. Cogzidel Technologies gives you the powerful tool to do just that. It’s a lucrative investment you definitely want to take advantage of. For more information about this amazing pinterest clone script, please contact support@cogzidel.com

Be among the first owner of the PINDERFUL today 🙂

Why the Pinterest clones are more popular nowadays?

Influence of Pinterest clone in IT market:

It is the right time for every IT folks to earn money through Pinterest. As known by most, Pinterest is a popular image social bookmarking network where the users can share, comment and bookmark their favorite pictures and videos present in the network. For the past few days, we can see tremendous improvement in traffic rate for Pinterest through various social media blogs and articles in spite of being in private beta. Hence, every niche industries have started to develop their own pinterest clone using their favorite content management system these days.

Image social bookmarking and tagging

Leading provider of Pinterest clone script:

Cogzidel Technologies, an offshore web development and mobile application development company in India is offering various clone script softwares such as Pinterest clone, Groupon clone, Airbnb clone, Yipit clone and much more. We have developed a pinterest clone loaded with amazing and extraordinary features which are not available in the Pinterest with the help of our experienced professionals. You can avail this professional pinterest clone script from us at a nominal price. Sounds interesting? Please contact support@cogzidel.com for more information and assistance.

Pinterest clone from Cogzidel

Pinterest is a new social media platform which grabbed the attention of major investors by receiving $10M funds in a short span of time according to Techcrunch’s post. Also, source involved in the financing confirms this and suggests the valuation could be massive, ie, $75 M and more. Pinterest allows users to not only share, but to organize, all of those interesting images found while browsing the web.


Some quick facts about Pinterest:

  1. Founded by Ben Silbermann and Paul Sciarra in 2010
  2. No registration is available, but only through invitation
  3. Pinterest is FREE to use
  4. Language support – English


Cogzidel Technologiesa leading professional web development and mobile app development company is working on Pinterest clone and it will be soon available to the general public. You can get more insights about our Pinterest clone in the next blog post.