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DropInn is evolved as a platform for all rental needs. Though it is an Airbnb clone script, DropInn can absolutely be tailored to your requirements. DropInn not only enables you to work faster, but smarter and better too.

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DropInn-Mobile iOS V1.7 now includes more features


Having a dedicated mobile app for your Vacation rentals gives your users a way to search your listings. If you wish to help people looking out for a place to stay during their vacation, then DropInn Mobile iOS v1.7 will be a great option to serve the purpose.

We have now included more exciting features to take your business to the next level.

The newly implemented features include:

1) Checkin Functionality: The Traveler (Guest) can easily select the Checkin option once the Arrival date appears in the Your Trips page.

2) Checkout Functionality: After Traveler(Guest) checks in, Checkout option will be enabled once the Departure date appears in the Your Trips page.

3) Host review Functionality: Host can give his review for Traveler(Guest) by selecting the 5 star rating in the Host Message page. This option will be enabled, once the Traveler checks out from the host’s space.

4) Guest review Functionality: Now, it is Traveler turn to give the review for Host by selecting the 5 star rating. This option will be enabled in Your Trips page if and only if the Host has given review about the Traveler.

5) Bug Fixing: DropInn mobile is the simplest and fastest way to give your users the opportunity to search their vacation rentals. Get DropInn mobile now and stay closer to your customers, all time and every time!!

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Latest version of DropInn-Mobie iOS V1.5, now in App Store

DropInn Mobile

DropInn has been the perfect vacation rental app, be it for listing your properties or managing your listing. This great app is now available in App Store with improved features. We have updated the source code to support the latest version of Swift language and XCode 7.0.

Download the latest version of DropInn from the App Store and start your Vacation Rental business.  DropInn App is the simplest and fastest way to give your users the opportunity to search their vacation rental.

Identify your reliable host with ease. It’s DropInn 4.1.6!

DropInn vs Airbnb


DropInn is an inspriation from Airbnb. Yet, we have made it even more bigger and better with features that provides additional functionality to your rental website.

Did you know why customers prefer DropInn to Airbnb?

What is that additional factor we offer to our customers? Is there anything more we are providing in DropInn that is not available in Airbnb?

Well, here you go with the reasons.

100% source code – Yeah, DropInn comes to you with the complete source code!

Easy customization – With wide range of rental options available, DropInn can be customized, exclusively to suit your business needs.

Video uploads –  DropInn provides you with the option to post visually compelling videos of the listing, that will help you in fetching more business. More business is more money!!

Advertisements – You can turn  your DropInn Rental site to be a platform for advertisements and create a stirring image of your business.

ID Verification – DropInn comes with features that prevents underage sign ups, and protects your Rental website from fake and fraudulent users.

Secure Transactions – Safety of online transacttions is our primary concern. When it comes to money, you want to make it Safe and Dropinn ensures that all transactions are safe and secure.

Promotions – DropInn provides you with options to promote your listing through offers and discounts.

With all these and much more, aren’t you ready yet to open doors for more business?  What’s keeping you waiting? Be a front runner in your online Rental business.

Reach out to Cogzidel or skype us at cogzidel. We offer DropInn in three different plans:


  • Comes with 30 days trial

Standard: (with pricing info)

  • For a single rental business
  • 100% customizable code with free updates for 1 year
  • Technical Support for 1 year

Premium: (with pricing info)

  • For unlimited domains
  • Includes new built-in plugins
  • 100% customizable code with free updates for 1 year
  • Technical support for 1 year

    It’s not too late to own a package of your choice. While the Standard Package gives you license for single domain, the Premium package will help you to expand your horizon into various on-line rental business. Our premium package bundles all the plugins for you to expand your business opportunities with much ease!!

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