Product feature of the day!

Tag and People Search

Want to ease your customers in their Search process? This feature in Sedio allows your customers to filter their searching option with tag and people. Here the search option will give results for only the required people and tag wanted by your customers.


Product feature of the day!

Find Friends in FB and Twitter

Looking for search place where you can allow your customers to search their Facebook and Twitter friends to follow their Sedio updates? Here is a feature in Sedio by which your customers can search their Facebook and Twitter friends and even can invite them for following their page.


Product Feature Of The Day!

Reset Password Option

Do you want your customers to have a secured account of Sedio? Changing password often will keep your customers account more safely and safe account your customers will definitely build a trust on your site. This feature in Sedio will allow your customer to change their password whenever they want.


Product Feature Of The Day!

Profile page setting

Will your customers prefer a default profile page for their modernized video app? Definitely not. Then here is Sedio with an exciting feature to comfort your customers in designing their profile page. Add this feature to your app and add more comfort to your customer.